Luxury MK handbags outlet brands boom every year, but it is not only no brand and its followers of distance, but became a big fans of loyalty. For hope by luxury goods consumption to reflect their own position and wealth accumulation, the more the more high price to satisfy their difference superiority of mass.
Since April 21, Cartier prices 6% to 10%. In mid-april, over some of the classic chanel products price 3000-4500 yuan, ferragamo also for some products price 400-1000 yuan. Such price changes not only make the generous buyers choose to give up, instead of a big rush. This is because, for really affordable luxury, really feel a sell 21000 yuan this year to sell 21000 clothes last year what are the obvious differences in price, but the dress is already quietly prices to rise by 6% in a year.
Taking a clothing brand coat, for example, one is a catwalk shows boutique in Venice, Italy's original about 12000 yuan, the price is as high as 29000 yuan in China. Because the style is for limited edition, but the number in the Chinese market very limited, so still welcomed by customers.
In addition to these rich personal consumption buyers, gifts also consumes luxury consumption is quite proportion, has become a tool to expand relations, the same group "is not sensitive to the price" in the certain extent also support the high prices. "Sanlian life weekly" in an article enumerates the current popular gift list, including MingYan, booze, LV, etc. Certain extent, even if the current anti-corruption efforts to curb the "SongLiFeng", business gifts, such as market demand also stimulated the luxury goods industry in China. Wealth quality dean Zhou Ting said: "the luxury in China pricing is a kind of strategic behavior, the cost is low, usually by controlling the amount and get profits." Even now the luxury market is not as once upon a time, consumption ability also received certain depression, but the brand will not compromise on the price, it is not only related to the profit, also related to the brand image and exalted position in the consumers' mind. Even if need to adjust the marketing strategy, the brand more will choose to reduce the open a shop or directly on the product pricing down directly.
The more the higher the price the consumer identity when products raise prices still does not affect sales, why not do it for the brand. In sales of luxury goods market, higher prices rather than hinder sales will stimulate consumer's purchase desire for sale.
In fact, for a man who often spending to, if the focus of luxury brand didn't rise in price, or the price is not enough to the general public tidy may think that the brand quality is not enough, can't meet their consumption ability and consumption grade and choose to give up. For example, the relative prices more expensive watches, especially a few top watch brands, landmark significance in the Volvo group, plute people think, must have a such watch, can prove to be successful. China's rich people feel, have the watch, is among the richest and most the identity of the clique of dozens of people, is a status symbol. Therefore, luxury goods price increases to a certain extent, this part just cater to the consumer point of view, such consumption habit has become a rise in price.
Zhao Ping, assistant director of the consumer economy research institute of commerce, said luxury, unlike ordinary commodity, people buy commodity, more attention is cost-effective. But for luxury goods, through the high price, high added value to reflect, buy luxury goods groups have different consumption ability, different consumer tastes, so as to improve people's psychological satisfaction.
In addition, the price is more of a marketing strategy, and "limited" is to create a kind of scarcity. Plus luxury is a necessity for China's specific consumer groups, not buy price also will rise now, later will not necessarily can grab, it must be as soon as possible, regardless of whether now is a reasonable price. From a brand perspective, through the price, increase the value of brand, after buying goods rise, consumers bought value natural feel. Brands of the higher prices, consumers get the brand value of psychological hinted that more and more intense, but stimulate buying promote sales, positive market reaction and thus further stimulate brands pricing plans next time.
When high-end luxury brand in the Chinese market price, the higher the consumer identity, brand business nature, too, were pleased to raise prices, and it is also the result of the market regulation, if some people think luxury is no longer reasonable price, you can choose not to buy. But if there are a number of customers don't mind, would like to pay history, process and status symbol, the brand added value, that means it is in reasonable market rule.
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